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title Pine bark is removed mechanically, often with unseasoned, just felled trees, so it contains a resin that causes soil acidification, and up to 20% wood chips and debris. title Bark is harvested by hand and therefore does not contain any impurities or chemicals, does not change the acidity of the soil.
title In the bag, along with the good bark you getfumed, not dry enough bark and bark with stumps infected with rot, pests, fungi and mould spores that can lead to disease and death of the garden. title We carefully select the donor trees. We use only healthy, well-dried samples that have been harvested in dry weather.
title You receive the product in opaque bags and you can not check the quality of the purchase. title Through fully transparent packaging you can immediately verify the quality and purity of products.
title The mulch fractions are not always as stated. Together with large pieces shallow there can also be smal, pieces and dust. This mixture quickly rots and looks even worse. title Mulch is clearly divided into fractions with an error of less than 3mm. Large pieces bark contains up to 90% of cork, retains moisture, and does not get blown away even by strong winds. 5-7 cm layer performs its functions evenfor 6 years.
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6 properties of pine mulch that make life easier for landscape designers and gardeners

By mulching the soil with pine bark, you get a well-kept plot, a lush garden and a flower garden, and no need for frequent watering, weeding and annually digging up soil!

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